Self Mastery

Emotional Intelligence: Master Your Emotions

We’ve been told lies about our emotions:

Emotions are bad or that we’re not supposed to express them. We should trust them—trust our gut—but, wait, no—emotions are irrational and shouldn’t be trusted. Emotions are something that happens TO us and, therefore, they’re outside of our control.

The truth is that you CAN control your emotional state—avoid the unwanted ones and purposefully create the ones we want. Just think about an astronaut—the HAVE to learn how to control their mind, emotions and body in order to handle the extreme stress of living in space. And if they are human beings and can develop this ability, so can you.

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21 Days to an Empowered State of Mind

Do you want to be happier, feel more gratitude, be more confident and create a successful, satisfying life. But, you seem to hold yourself back because:

>Change feels like a daunting task
>You don’t know where to start
>You figure it is probably too complicated
>How would you find the time?

But, what if I told you that you can make massive changes to your reality, your state of mind, and your experience of life in less than 7 minutes a day for only 21 days?


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Psychology of Memory: Strengthen and Improve Your Memory

Learn Powerful Memorization Techniques and Memory Skills to Increase Brain Function

-Take control of your unconscious and conscious mind
-Recall information when you need to
-How the mind processes information
-Techniques to improve your memorys
-Techniques to improve your memory
-Foods to help your memory.


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Achieving Your Goals and Dreams

Discover the 4 steps to success: know what you want, believe you can have it, create a strong plan, and stay motivated.

Banish your negativity and learn how to achieve your long-term goals by developing a strong foundation with this motivational course on how to reach your goals. Discover the four steps to success by knowing what you want, believing you can achieve it, creating a strong plan of action, and staying motivated along the way. Gain powerful tools that will help you complete each of these steps, and ultimately, your life goals!


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