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We are here for you, don’t feel alone!

Every one of us has felt depression, rejection, abandoned, loneliness, anger, or experienced other negative emotions from time to time. You know what? It is as common as having a cold or the flu!

You can get over it!

It’s simply emotional distress and it is treatable, just like the flu or a cold. Sometimes you can get over it on your own, but if it lasts more than a day or two, reach out and talk to someone about it. Check out our resources page [HERE]

Stop the Violence!

Safe Cities Network is committed to eliminating violence and mass shootings by helping people improve their ability to control their emotions. By embracing the techniques taught in the courses we are developing, our youth will develop the skills they need to build a happier, friendlier, safer society.


Society is changing and violence is becoming the norm in our homes, schools, work sites and public places. Some emotional factors like depression, bullying, rejection, failure, abandonment, and anger, lead to violence and suicide. Educating our youth is where we can be most effective in creating a long-term, generational impact. Our programs are designed to help everyone identify their emotional trigger points and use healthier ways to address their negative issues and how to help others. Together, we can change course and create a safer society!

Be Part of the MindPower Solution

With MindPower, you will learn how to deal with your emotions, eliminate conflict, have a happier, stress-free life, and help others do likewise.

Once certified, you can become part of this extremely important project and become a MindPower C P T instructor. Help us train business management, employees, sports teams, youth groups, civic & fraternal organizations, schools and others.

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Support and the need for the Safe Cities Network’s effort to educate the public is more critical today than ever before.

Each year, we are confronted with more and more violence and life-threatening adversity. Recent studies have identified the root causes of violence, yet most of the public is unaware and has yet to learn to cope.
Become part of the solution and help us to get this incredibly purposeful movement off the ground!


SCN’s mission is to teach “MindPower” and reduce violence and mass shootings in our schools, homes, and workplaces.


Our goal is to educate the public about the root cause of violence and how to deal with the issues peacefully, rather than resorting to violence. To teach “MindPower”, emotional intelligence, resilience, cognitive thinking, and other techniques, especially with our youth who will carry the lessons forward, creating a generational impact, a lasting change in society.

We will take massive action and create “Crisis Prevention Teams” of certified instructors who will educate the public about the root causes of violence and how to effectively deal with the issues using our “MindPower”” training programs.

Our Crisis Prevention Training instructors will provide employee training for businesses, work with coaches and players of sports teams, as well as civic & fraternal organizations, schools and others.

The goal is not just to teach them how to recognize and deal with their emotions, but to recognize it in others, how to help them, and where they can go for help.

Your support to help the Safe Cities Network develop the training and educate the public is more critical today than ever before.

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Together We Will Save Lives!


We need your help to create a societal mindset change and dramatically reduce violence.

Yes, we will create a safer society for all!

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